what sarah ate

December 26, 2014




sarah, 25, veterinarian


how do you eat? 

quite simply, i eat to avoid a pain in the tummy! for most of my life i’ve suffered from poor digestion & the unpleasantries that go with it.

18 months ago a doctor finally diagnosed a number of food allergies, which now dictate how i eat. my diet is now simple, unprocessed & mostly home-made.


what do you eat? 

i’ve recently embraced sarah wilson’s ‘i quit sugar’ philosophy & made a huge effort to eliminate fructose from my diet, which has improved my digestion even more. prior to this, i hadn’t ‘dieted’ or counted calories, and actually thought i was quite healthy. but now i realise that i had a full-on sugar addiction, which i’m slowly combating by baking my own unprocessed, sugar-free snacks & always taking my lunch to work.

i also eat a lot of home-grown beef & lamb as we have access to our own livestock. i like to prepare plenty & take leftovers.

i believe that your diet can be convenient without having to rely on all the heavily-promoted supermarket ‘convenience’ snacks & so called ‘meal replacements’.


favourite foods?

i love a good roast – lamb, beef or chicken (especially when my mum makes it!). i’m also very partial to afternoon snacks – soft cheeses (the kind that aren’t lactose free & that my tummy hates!). i love dips & chips, especially when shared with friends.

i also love homemade pizzas, which my boyfriend theo & i make together some friday nights.


favourite drinks?

i drink a lot of water & enjoy a good black tea. i don’t drink milk, juices, soft drink or cordial so i do love a rum & soda with freshly squeezed lime juice after work when i’m not on call.



despite quitting sugar & no longer feeling like i ‘need’ it, i still can’t resist chocolate. i struggle with this when i’m at work because our clients often give us yummy thankyou gifts.

i also really enjoy eating things at restaurants that i wouldn’t make at home.


health goals?

i’d like to expand my sugar free repertoire (i’m fussy) & try new vegetables. i want this change to be sustainable & something i stick to when i have kids so that we avoid the trap of ‘convenience’ foods.

due to my family genetics & history, i’m a high-risk candidate for developing cancer early in life, so i want to rid my body of the very thing that cancer cells feed on before i reach the higher-risk age bracket.

i’d also love to eat more organic food, however this is difficult & expensive where we live so i aim to one day grow all of my own vegetables & eat seasonally as nature intended for us to.


friday december 9, 2014

i had a rostered day off after being on call for the week. i spent the day at home getting organised for christmas & baking my usual goodies for the following week.


day on a plate

english breakfast tea (black)
gluten free toast with vegemite
2 peanut butter, chickpea & cacao biscuits
chai tea (black)
1 corn & roast beef gluten free fitter (left over from dinner the night before) with pumpkin, spinach & macadamia wild rice salad
black tea
1 packet plain popcorn
1 rum & soda with freshly squeezed lime
roast chicken & vegetables

what megs ate

December 11, 2014




megan, 37, photographer + mother


how do you eat?

i would say my diet is flexible.  i’m not strict but i like to be healthy.

my general rule is keep the fridge & cupboards at home full of healthy foods & when i eat out i can indulge a bit.

i need to think about being efficient too now that i have an 11-month-old boy & i try to prepare meals we can both eat during the day.


what do you eat?

before i had eddie i surfed most mornings before work & had a huge appetite. i could eat almost anything, & large quantities, while staying the same size. i’ve had to consciously rein in my food consumption now that i’m doing a lot less cardio.

i eat lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, eggs & fish. i try not to eat too much pasta or bread & if i want something sweet i try to bake it.


favourite foods? 

eggs for breakfast, fresh fruit & vegetable juices, sushi & homemade gourmet burgers.

i love discovering new salads & i could eat avocado with almost anything.

i also love the homemade pizza my partner makes me. i also love his special salmon with sweet potato mash & asparagus … so yummy.


favourite drinks?

soda water & lemon juice, ginger beer for a treat, lady grey tea or a cold corona & lemon at sunset after a big surf session.



i love cadbury flakes or any dark chocolate with fruit & nuts. i also love nutella on toast.


health goals?

to regain the physical strength i had before pregnancy. also to maintain fitness & a healthy diet within my new busy lifestyle as a working mum, which is more difficult than i anticipated.


friday november 21, 2014

i met up with some other mammas at the beach at 5am for a quick surf.  the dads dropped the babies off on their way to work at about 6.20am & we played with the kids at the beach for another hour before heading home for breakfast.

i did chores while eddie slept. when he woke up we went to our neighbour’s house for a play date & cups of tea in the backyard. then it was home for eddie’s second sleep & more domestic duties for me.

in the afternoon we had water play in our garden with eddie on the slip & slide.

a friend visited on her way home from work. then i had dinner at home with my man after eddie went to sleep.


day on a plate

big glass of water

lady grey tea with ginger & soy milk

scrambled eggs with garlic zucchini, cherry tomatoes, avocado

tuna salad

soda water with lemon juice

blueberries, watermelon, cheese & rice crackers

lady grey tea

nutella on toast


almonds, sultanas & walnuts

ginger beer


chicken pesto with carrot salad (grated carrots, cori&er, chickpeas, lemon, cumin, honey, currents & pistachios)

what kat ate

December 11, 2014




kat, 36, reporter + mum + wife


how do you eat?

i prefer unprocessed (or less processed) food such as fruit & vegetables, whole grains like brown rice, dense breads & herbal teas. if i can still recognise its original form, i’ll eat it.


what do you eat?

my food philosophy is cruelty free. i’m against factory farming for ethical & environmental reasons & avoid meat & dairy (although i’m not militant). i believe in the proven health benefits of avoiding meat & am very much anti-paleo & pro-vegetarian (which i believe should be the way of the future).


favourite foods?

bananas, sushi rolls, vegetarian indian, vietnamese, fresh foods, lasagne, filipino cassava cake, filipino ube cake & garlic peanuts.


favourite drinks?

i mostly drink filtered water but don’t mind a nice chai latte with soy.



chocolate, asian sweets & sticky rices, hot chips, corn chips & choc-coated nuts.


health goals?

the dream is to run a 100km trail run through an amazing landscape.


friday november 14, 2014

i got up 5am, walked the dog at the beach & had brekkie. i then worked all day which included a drive to maleny. i got home & walked the dog at the beach, cooked dinner & went to bed early. this was a tricky food day as the fridge was empty.


day on a plate

spinach & banana smoothie

three pieces spelt sourdough bread with vege topping (tomatoes, capsicum & mint)

a vege wedge (like a vegan frittata) with wild weed & kale salad

spelt sourdough fruit bun



pinakbet (filipino style vegetable stir-fry) with tofu & brown rice

more toblerone

what brady ate

October 30, 2014




brady, 31, risk management


how do you eat?

my job involves me being away from home for long periods of time. the food available during these periods is ok, but not of excellent quality. it is produced in a dining facility/mess meaning what’s in the bain-marie is what you choose from. however, eating reasonably healthy can be achieved. the upside to this is there is no alcohol available in location that makes for compulsory abstinence.

at home i eat healthily most of the time. i eat lots of high-quality meat, fish & veggies.

i have recently acquired an amazing wife who has introduced me to a whole world of very large kitchen appliances. i had not heard of cold-pressed juicers & didn’t realise there were food processors with 20 speeds & 400 attachments. the results are amazing though – delicious, healthy meals & baked goods packed with nutrients (& made with love).


what do you eat?

my philosophy is constantly evolving but in a nutshell i try to eat a healthy, high-quality diet most of the time. hopefully, this goes some way to balance out my vices listed below.


favourite foods / drinks / vices?

i’ve listed these together because, for me, they all go hand in hand.

my favourite food/drink/vice is sitting down with beer & wine, putting down a spread in front of me & nibbling away. this could include cheese, cured meats, wasabi peas, salt & vinegar chips (smiths, not the ones from the health food section) & buhja.

other favourites include homemade pizza, tapas & sushi.

last of all, forget what the experts say – shiraz can be paired with anything. even frozen yogurt & sour worms.


health goals?

my work requires me to maintain a high level of physical fitness & i’m finding, as i get older, the body is becoming less willing to co-operate with the things i ask it to do. for this reason, in addition to my traditional strength & cardio, i’m starting to incorporate a lot more functional training – including yoga – in an attempt to keep injuries at bay.

diet-wise, in the coming years i’d really like to eliminate processed foods – eating only things i can pick up & recognise exactly what it is & what’s in it (sorry frozen yogurt & sour worms).


friday october, 2014

i was away for work.

a typical day involves plenty of down time that allows me to get into a good gym routine.


day on a plate


2 amino acid tablets

4 boiled eggs

fruit salad & plain yogurt

protein shake

pumpkin soup & naan bread

grilled chicken breast &veggies

green tea

peanut putter on naan bread


2 amino acid tablets

protein shake

roast lamb & veggies

bread & butter pudding

my late night snack cheese & ham.

3 litres of water minimum throughout the day

what loni jane ate

October 30, 2014

loni jane



loni jane, 26, photographer + creative artist


how do you eat?

i eat a plant-based diet with no meat, dairy or processed foods. i don’t like to use the word ‘diet’ – i like to use the word ‘lifestyle’ – because diet sounds like a fad where as lifestyle is a daily ritual that’s for the long term.


what do you eat?

a lot of carbs! yep that’s right – a lot of carbohydrates, which usually makes up around 80 per cent of my total daily food intake. this involves eating a wide variety of fruits, veggies, potatoes & rice. i also eat a lower percentage of good essential fats & low sodium/salt. eating this way keeps my body healthy, lean & energetic.


favourite foods?

bananas, anything coconut, dates, leafy greens, avocado & potatoes.


favourite drinks?

spring water, sugar cane juice, coconut water & fresh juices.



coconut ice-cream magnums.


health goal?

my goal for life is to keep thy body thriving & never fall ill to diet-related diseases.


day on a plate

700ml lemon water

banana maqui smoothie bowl topped with berries & rawnola

coconut water

dried mango

1ltr carrot & apple juice

large raw salad

lentil dhal over rice & salad


what anna ate

October 9, 2014




anna, 30, journalist


how do you eat?

i’m very much subscribed to the ‘everything in moderation’ school. this helps justify my penchant for sweets!


what do you eat?

i eat everything! i try to stick to healthy meals with lots of vegies, but almost always indulge in a little dessert if it’s an option.


favourite foods?

pineapple, watermelon, moreton bay bug, lobster, prawns & icecream.


favourite drinks?

gin martinis! but only on weekends.

i’m obsessed with drinking three litres of water a day & lots of peppermint tea.

call me clichéd but i also can’t get enough of the green juice my local juice bar does (#toolazytomakemyown).



anything that satiates my crazy sweet tooth & too much coke zero at my work desk.


health goals?

to exercise more & become the fittest & strongest version of myself. exercise makes me so happy & keeps me sane. i get to the gym twice a week but would like to double that. my crazy work hours are my only hurdle.


friday october 3, 2014. 

i woke up at 6.30am & went to the gym.

i had the day off work & so took myself to the movies to see gone girl.

of course i also found time for some shopping & bought a new dress.

i met a friend for dinner before joining workmates at the pub for drinks.


day on a plate

green juice

natural unsweetened yoghurt sprinkled with fresh blueberries

strawberry choc-top (the best movie food!)

vietnamese salad with pork

green tea

fresh pineapple

miso soup

3 vegetarian dumplings

one small pork bun

green tea

gin & tonic

what sam ate

October 1, 2014


sam, 28, musician


how do you eat?

i went to vietnam & cambodia in 2009 & came back with a stomach bug which took a good year to get rid of. this has left me with a very sensitive stomach so i try to avoid rich dairy products, sugar & white carbohydrates as they just don’t sit well with me anymore. these foods, mixed with stress at times, & my body just doesn’t function so a balanced diet combined with running & pilates keeps me happy & healthy.


what do you eat? 

i would say i’m paleo 80/20. i’m not a hard-core paleo though as i love quinoa, legumes & chocolate! however, with travelling due to my job, it’s often a case of eating whatever you can find which i have to not beat myself up about too much.

i’m also getting married in a couple of months so i’m more conscious of what food i’m eating, while on the road, than usual.


favourite foods?

sashimi, dried mango & i make these yummy date & coconut treats which i consume way too many of.


favourite drinks?

water & coffee. my other faves are champagne or gin & tonic.



if milk chocolate was good for me i’d eat it for breakfast, lunch & dinner. i also like a coke zero on gig days.


health goal?

to be more consistent. my routine is constantly broken due to the nature of my job so i’m always trying to navigate my fitness & healthy eating around it. one week i’ll run most days, but then the next i’ll be working nights so getting up at 6am to exercise goes out the window.


friday september 26, 2014

it was a typical day on the road. i had a six-hour ride in the car to get to a gig. with this in mind, i got up at 6am & went for a nice 40-minute run before making a delicious berry smoothie – my last home-made meal for the next four days. i was on the road from 9am til about 2pm, had a sound check at 4.30pm, the gig at 8pm & i was in bed around midnight.


day on a plate

smoothie: strawberries, frozen mixed berries, 1/2 banana, almond milk, superfood mix of goji berries, chia seeds, bee pollen & sunflower seeds

soy latte

chicken salad from ‘oliver’s’ – my favourite place to stop when travelling north of sydney. i can get a great coffee while stocking up on all the basics for the weekend ahead

brazil & cashew nuts

decaf soy latte

we are often supplied dinner at our shows so tonight i went for a sirloin steak with vegetables

coke zero

mixed fruit

what jorja ate

September 25, 2014




jorja, 26, journalist + mum-of-one & pregnant with number two


how do you eat? 

i eat all day. i tend to graze rather than have big meals. i eat everything – i think a balanced diet that includes all foods in moderation is the best way to go.


what do you eat?

i try to eat healthy most of the time, but i’m a squeamish pregnant woman so crackers & salty chips often win out at the moment.


favourite foods? 

prawns, mango, passion fruit, pumpkin soup with tiger bread.


favourite drinks?

most teas including peppermint, t2 sencha sensation & t2 french earl grey; fresh apple, orange & ginger juice; & ordinarily red wine.



milo, hard-boiled lollies, frozen coke & roast chicken on bread roll, & one of my absolute favourite treats is mersey valley cheese & crackers.


health goal?

i strongly believe exercise makes you feel better, both physically & mentally. my goal is to find the time to exercise more regularly. i exercise about twice a week at the moment but it’s not enough. my aim, as my pregnancy gets further along & i stop playing netball & doing pump classes, is to begin doing pilates more often.


friday september 19, 2014

i was woken up at 4.15am by my 22-month-old daughter stella. i got up, changed her nappy & clothes & got her a bottle of milk. i then made myself a black tea, made stella’s breakfast & got myself ready for work. (my husband is currently away).

i drove stella to day-care at 6.45am & was at work by 7.30am. i bought a slice of banana bread & mocha & began my working day. i worked until about 3.30pm, picked stella up from day care & took her to the doctor (she has a bad cold).
i then went to my parent’s house for friday night football & pizza.

stella & i headed home before kick-off as stella began to get cranky. i bathed stella & put her to bed before watching the game. i then jumped into bed around 9.30pm & read a fabulous trash mag.


day on a plate

black tea

banana bread

half strength mocha with skim milk

handful of blueberries


seaweed rice crackers with bruschetta dip

guzman y gomez salad including corn, spinach leaves, tomato, red onion & chicken

peppermint tea

vegetarian pizza

four squares of dairy milk chocolate


what amy ate

September 17, 2014

Amy Dale



amy, 26, journalist


how do you eat?

i think i eat pretty well but there’s always room to improve!

my work hours can be long & unpredictable so i do a big shop on the weekend to stay organised & make sure my diet doesn’t suffer when i get busy. i always try to have some fresh fruit or chopped veggies as a snack. i work on the road, so try to avoid the temptation to grab packaged, unhealthy snacks in between writing stories.


what do you eat?

i love basically all types of fruit & veggies, so i try to keep my diet as fresh & tasty as possible.

i like cooking, as does my boyfriend, so i don’t eat a lot of takeaway.

i really notice a difference when i eat well but i don’t like being too strict on myself – food is there to be enjoyed!

if i keep it nice & healthy during the week, & have a few nights without any alcohol, then i can really enjoy eating out & indulging on the weekend.


favourite foods?

mushrooms, slow roasted lamb, salmon, peanut butter, all types of berries, pasta (with lots of parmesan on top) & pretty much all japanese & middle eastern food.


favourite drinks?

most varieties of tea (orange & cinnamon, peppermint, jasmine & a strong cup of english breakfast or earl grey are my biggest loves), red wine, coffee, fresh apple, ginger, pear & mint juice, macro organic hot chocolate & during the day i do love lots of cold water :)



haighs coconut & macadamia chocolate block, most types of lindt dark chocolate, basically any type of ice cream, hot chips, burrito bowls from guzman y gomez with pulled beef, & grilled cheese on toast.


what is your health goal?

i’m just coming out of a whirlwind few months, during which i haven’t been exercising as much as i would like to so my current goal is to get back on track with a couple of really good workouts during the week.


friday september 12, 2014

i met my mum for breakfast, worked from 8.30am-5.30pm & then had dinner & saw a comedy show with my boyfriend & friends.


day on a plate

1 piece of sourdough toast with avocado, roast tomato & some sautéed mushrooms

strong flat white

1.2l water

an apple

peppermint tea

a salad with baby spinach leaves, corn, cherry tomato, haloumi, grilled chicken, cucumber, lemon & oregano vinaigrette with a small piece of soy & linseed bread

shared a plate of felafel, hummus & eggplant dip, followed by spicy shakshuka with eggplant

glass of pinot noir

two gin & tonics

what arvina ate

September 10, 2014




arvina, 39, mum of four-year-old daughter & nine-month-old son


how do you eat?

generally good.

during the week, i tend to have lean meats with vegetables or salads.if i’m not organised, then i will snack more. leftovers are great in that regard as i’m often feeding the kiddies or preparing meals & it’s a quick meal.

the weekends are a bit more relaxed.

i don’t eat a lot of bread these days (though i do like crusty bread) as it seemed like the bread kept getting binned so i stopped buying it.


what do you eat?

a lot of chicken to be honest. usually with roast vegetables, vegetables sautéed in butter & garlic, a stir fry or a salad.

i’ve grown up eating rice & roti’s which are also very kid-friendly especially paired with dhal, yogurt & spicy rice.

i usually make one pasta dish a week with a mince chicken bolognaise with grated up vegetables. yes, i’m one of those mothers – i hide vegetables where i can! my daughter will only eat a handful of fruit & vegetables so i’m usually going overboard with a big bowl of vegetables for myself!


favourite foods?

i love seafood, homemade pizzas, spinach & ricotta cannelloni, cherries & bbq chicken.


favourite drinks?

earl grey tea, red wine & hot chocolate.



anything chocolate & ice cream.


health goals? 

i have increasingly become aware of the little eyes watching & learning from my eating habits. i would like to set a good example for my children – it’s not a stretch for me since i do enjoy most fruit & vegetables. i also prefer the leaner cuts of meat.

i do all the cooking at home so i know what’s going into our meals.

in our home, we focus on being healthy & strong.

we walk most places where we live, we enjoy the parks/beaches & being outdoors.


friday september 5, 2014

woke up at 5.30am to change & feed the baby. then at 7am, prepared breakfast for the kids & myself. cleaned up quickly & organised my daughter’s preschool morning tea & lunch. at 8.20am, we drove my daughter to preschool. we normally walk but she was too tired & grumpy this morning. after the drop off, i fed the baby & put him to bed. swept the floors, opened & filed mail. ordered my groceries online. started dinner prep. watered plants outside. talked to my mum on the phone. fed the baby after his nap, played & changed him. left home for daughter’s preschool pick up. facetime with my husb& while feeding the baby, then spent the evening bathing, meal time & cleaning up.


day on a plate

glass of water


porridge with milk & honey

leftover homemade cauliflower, potato & bacon soup




rice cracker snacks

lamb cutlets with a baked zucchini & corn slice