what jess ate

March 28, 2015




jessica, 31, federal politics reporter


how do you eat?

i don’t beat myself up too much about what i eat.

i was brought up on a pretty healthy diet of foods, so i naturally prefer home-cooked meals & hardly ever crave fast food or nasty takeout.

my boyfriend & i do go out once or twice a week for a meal though, mostly because we both often work until 7.30pm & are too drained to cook.

he loves to cook – much more than me – & i love trying his homemade pasta, slow-cooked lamb shoulder, home made tortillas or whatever else he’s trying out at the minute.

i have a sweet tooth & love to bake.


what do you eat?

i don’t restrict anything from my diet because i believe in moderation & eating a variety of food.

i eat a lot of wholegrain foods – like cereal for breakfast – & don’t understand how anyone could give up bread when they don’t have to.

i focus on healthy food that i know is going to keep me full & eat a lot of salad with lean meat.

i also make a lot of soups & meals that i can heat up at work. i think feeling full is the best way to not crave the cakes & pastries i wish i could eat all day.

also, i never go shopping hungry – if you don’t buy it, you can’t eat it.


how do you eat?

i eat at my desk & on a busy workday i don’t have time to think about food while lunchtime never seems to come fast enough on a slow day.

if i’m super stressed i do have to resist the temptation to stress eat.

on weekends or days off my boyfriend & i like to make dinner a bit special if we (usually he) have spent time preparing it or are trying out a new recipe. it’s lovely sitting down with him, a glass of wine & no tv.


where do you eat?

at my desk, at the table at home or in restaurants around south bank & west end.


favourite foods?

my favourite fruit is mango, my favourite meat is lamb, my favourite vegetable is carrot & my favourite cuisine is japanese.

oh, & i love cakes.


favourite meal to prepare?

i love making my vegetarian lasagne with red lentils & three kinds of cheese.

i also love making fun, new salads – my current favourite is pomegranate & feta salad with flaked almonds – especially for a sunday night bbq.

my favourite dessert to make is chocolate pudding that has a gooey hot centre when you dig in.


favourite drinks?

mumm champagne, dirty martini on gin & english breakfast tea.



cakes, slices, tarts, cupcakes & ice cream.


health goals?

i’m trying to be more prepared for workweeks so i don’t get caught out having to buy lunches or start cooking dinner at 8pm after a long workday.

i’m also training for the 8km mother’s day classic in may.


march 20, 2015

i slept in on my day off & spent a lazy two hours getting ready for the day.

i ran a few err&s, like having a horrible new drivers licence portrait taken by the department of main roads & then had to spend a few hours working from home.

i chilled out with my sweet little pet cockatiel lucky before cruising up to noosa to have dinner & stay with friends ahead of a weekend of wedding frivolities.


day on a plate

two pieces of mixed grain toast with avocado & two poached eggs

cup of tea

pear & grapes

almonds & walnuts

two glasses of wine

rib fillet with salad, chips & mushroom sauce

passionfruit capriosca

what nat ate

March 15, 2015




natalie, 33, deputy business editor


how do you eat?

i’m a healthy eater with a preference for whole foods.

i try not to eat too much wheat & dairy because i generally feel better when i don’t, but i’m not purist because i have a weakness for good quality italian pizza & pasta.


what do you eat?

there are very few foods i don’t eat.

i’m firm believer in eating moderately rather than following any sort of extreme diet.

i’m currently trying to acquire a taste for horseradish but it’s a work-in-progress. supposedly it’s essential eating with sashimi.

i used to hate anchovies & capers but i now love them & see their importance as essential for ingredients in puttanesca, which is now one of my favourite pasta sauces.

i eat a lot of salads for lunches & generally fish or lean meant & salads or steamed vege for dinner.

i love cooking & have two flatmates who are great cooks so we eat very well.


favourite foods? 

salad! i’m loving yotam ottolenghi’s new book plenty more.


favourite meal to cook? 

my current favourite recipe is tunisian fish stew with potatoes. you can sub out the potato for white beans or even add them as an extra. i also add garlic, onion & black olives. mussels would be good too. i tend to get recipes & then experiment with them.


favourite drinks? 

smoothies during the week & red wine on weekends.



chocolate, croissants, italian pizza, gelato, i could keep going….


health goals?

i’d like to eat less chocolate during the week & restrict chocolate eating to the weekend. i succeed at this some weeks but not others.

i also have ongoing fitness goals.

i’ve started swimming again & i’m doing 1-2km twice a week.

i currently get to the beach a couple of times a month but would surf most days if i lived closer to the water.

i also practice yoga in a studio or at home about four to five times a week, & teach yoga two mornings a week.


friday march 13, 2015

i woke at 5.30am & did yoga at 6am. i worked throughout the day & then attended an osteo appointment before having dinner with friends.


day on a plate

one piece of gluten free sourdough mega grain with tahini, honey & cinnamon

coffee & small croissant (i really wish the staff cafe didn’t sell these!)

mixed salad – sprouts, baby spinach, red cabbage, goats cheese, carrot & cucumber – with sardines


fish & salad

since it’s friday a glass or two of wine

what britt ate

March 8, 2015




brittany, 22, journalist


how do you eat?

i try to eat healthy foods with plenty of vegetables. i’ve never really been fussy though so a meat & three vege will always do me for dinner. burritos, however, definitely make up an inordinate percentage of my diet.

i’m getting married soon so my new philosophy is ‘eat less chocolate’ but that hasn’t really worked out so far.


what do you eat?

is ‘boring’ a diet philosophy? i get often get stuck in food ruts & have been known to eat a diet of tuna, couscous & vegetables for lunch everyday for six months. why change a good thing?

otherwise i try to stick to basic good foods while avoiding apples (which make me hungrier than when i started).


favourite foods?

burritos & mexican in general. i also love my sister’s cooking. she’s even successfully made me eat kale once or twice.
favourite meal to cook?

i love making paella. it takes me back to eating it on every street corner in barcelona. i also love making chicken pad thai – i feel a bit fancy using different kinds of noodles.

i wish i was one of those people who stress baked (although i’d be the size of a house if that was the case) or who found cutting therapeutic (i’m far too clumsy with a knife) but to be honest, i just really like eating & cook to accommodate that.


favourite drinks?

i only drink water & tea.

if there’s a special occasion i’ll splash out with a pineapple juice.



chocolate is definitely a huge problem for me. i’ll eat it in any form.


health goal?

i just want to be healthy & fit. i never want to be someone who huffs & puffs while walking up stairs.


friday february 27, 2015

i worked so it was a pretty regular day of interviews and the like. straight after work i headed into the city for a wedding dress fitting, then caught up with my sister & some friends for pre-birthday celebrations.


day on a plate

avocado & feta on multigrain toast

california sushi (six pieces) & a tuna roll


white chocolate lindt ball

mango boost juice

salad wrap

peppermint tea

what gemma ate

March 6, 2015




gemma, 26, journalist


how do you eat?

i think i eat a pretty healthy & balanced diet. i let myself eat a little bit of everything.

i try not to eat too many carbs as i find they weigh me down & make me feel bloated & heavy. i’m not coeliac or gluten intolerant but i used to eat about three weet-bix & a couple of pieces of toast for breakfast & it was just too many carbs in the one go & would make me feel tired.

i plan healthy meals during the week & eat out or have takeaway on weekends.


what do you eat?

i try to eat a balanced diet with lots of fruit & vegetables. i don’t believe in eliminating one thing from a diet but just moderating junk food & heavy, rich foods.

i try to eat pretty healthily from sunday to thursday.

i think breakfast sets you up for the rest of the day so i always eat a healthy breakfast during the week – either a bowl of gluten-free cereal, a bowl of muesli, yoghurt & a chopped up nectarine or a bowl of porridge. however on weekends i let myself eat out at breakfast or have nutella on toast – my favourite breakfast!

for weekday lunches & dinners i eat a lot of fruit & vegetables combined with fish or red meat.

on the weekend i let myself eat whatever i feel like & enjoy life.


favourite foods?

i have too many to list but my favourite foods are probably asian foods like dumplings or noodles, anything sweet and chocolate. I especially love chocolate fondant pudding if i can get my hands on it.

i also love eating out – my favourites are pizza, curry & dumplings which i also save for the weekend.


favourite drinks?

i love hot chocolate or a nice cup of tea. my two favourite types are orange peoke & english breakfast.



chocolate is definitely my number one treat & something i try to save for the weekend. i love nutella.


what do you cook?

my favourite weeknight meal to make, that doesn’t take very long, is just a simple green salad with cucumber, avocado, home-grown cherry tomatoes & goats cheese with fish pan fried in a little olive oil & garlic with lemon squeezed on the top.

if i have more time or i’m entertaining i’ll make my four cheese, lemon thyme & prosciutto risotto. it’s so creamy & delicious. it takes a little while as i continually stir it but it’s worth the effort.


health goals?

i’m pretty happy with my diet but i’d like to exercise more. i’m trying to tone up certain areas of my body & would really like to try yoga.


friday february 20, 2015

i worked the 10am to 6pm shift & didn’t get around to doing any exercise.

On my way home I grabbed takeaway from the fish & chip shop, which i ate at home with my boyfriend.


day on a plate

organic gluten free cereal

english breakfast tea

three sweet biscuits

cup of brown rice mixed with a can of mexican bean tuna


english breakfast tea

grilled fish, chips & a coleslaw salad

what lisa ate

February 18, 2015




lisa, 38, publicist + communication specialist


how do you eat? 

it seems i eat everything! i mostly eat fruit & green salads.

i try hard to eat organic & do my own baking for the kids’ lunch boxes.

i like being prepared so i can avoid junk food cravings when hungry.


what do you eat? 

i like to eat foods from the ground.

i remember returning from travelling, over 10 years ago now, feeling depleted of energy & quite overweight. i went on a no sugar, no carbs & no dairy diet & felt great almost immediately. that feeling has always stayed with me so i try to maintain a healthy ratio of whole foods to sugar, dairy & carbs.


favourite foods? 

the underrated side salad has always stolen the show for me. i love green salads! especially when they’re pooled with vegetables (red cabbage, broccoli & capsicum), oils & light cheeses.

i have a sweet tooth too & with that in mind i try to satisfy my cravings with healthy sweets such as fruit & some that are maybe not as healthy like good dark chocolate or an almond milk chai latte.


what do you cook? 

my children’s favourite meal, which has become my favourite meal to dish up for them, is ‘bangers & mash’. i mash sweet potato with lots of organic butter & cream, green beans & broccoli, & use very tasty bbq sausages with a creamy onion gravy.


favourite drinks?

chai lattes on almond milk or if i’m wearing stilettoes verve champagne!



dark chocolate or dark chocolate protein balls.


health goal?

to encourage my children to try different foods & eat healthy.


friday february 13, 2015

fridays are always exciting, being the last day of the week, for everyone in our family. we can it friday funday! we’re nearly always exhausted & love staying home friday nights to recharge for the weekend.

i was woken by our rooster at 5am, so i got going early, got the kidlets ready for school & did the school drop off.

even though i woke early, i only had a cup of tea so after the school drop off i caught up with a friend at a nearby cafe for an almond milk chai latte & protein ball before heading to work.

i grabbed lunch while doing the banking & did the after school pick up before cooking dinner for the family.


day on a plate

white tea

chai latte with almond milk

protein ball with dark chocolate


vegetable frittata

dark chocolate

pink lady apple

chicken & mushroom filo with vegetable salad

cookies & cream ice cream with chocolate sauce

what carly ate

February 18, 2015



carly, 29, interior stylist


how do you eat?

i’d say i’m a plain & healthy eater. i try to buy ethically sourced produce. i also don’t limit myself too much … i’m human after all.


what do you eat?

i love local organic markets & try to buy all of my produce there.

i eat heaps of seasonal fruit/veg & i eat meat/fish a few times a week.

i have an intolerance to wheat – probably because as a kid i ate it like chocolate – so i now avoid gluten & my gut feels waaaay better.


favourite foods?

i love japanese food, the carob kitchen almond bar, watermelon & walnuts.


what do you cook?

i’m not an amazing chef but i do like my snapper with pan fried greens & smoked paprika.

my favourite sugar free dessert is avocado, banana, carob & date mouse!


favourite drinks?

tea, tea, tea!! soda water with lemon, red wine & vodka tonics.



pizza, chocolate & chocolate mousse.


health goal?


i feel energised & happy if i do yoga & move the body daily.

i wouldn’t mind getting into a team sport this year.


friday february 6, 2015

i was up at 6.30am, went for a jog & stretched.

i had a work meeting at 9am & worked in the office until 1pm.

i went home for lunch & worked there for a while – mostly making calls – before an afternoon meeting.

i picked up some flooring samples & popped into a few shops to source materials.

i then went home to load up some belongings & drop them at my new house, where i stayed for dinner & had a dance!


day on a plate

warm water with lemon

smoothie – banana, walnuts, pepitas, coconut, cinnamon, chia seeds & coconut kefir yogurt

flat white

2 avocados, parsley & lemon on sprouted bread

peppermint tea

1/4 of a mint carob bar

walnut, almonds & apple

hummus, cucumber & tomatoes with gf crackers

2 glasses of red

homemade pho

lots of water

what kara ate

February 18, 2015




kara, 28, occupational therapist


how do you eat?

i try to eat in a balanced way but over the christmas holidays i fell off the bandwagon a little bit by having a daily 3pm cheese platter with wine etc.


what do you eat?

i don’t like the idea of cutting out whole food groups so i generally try to eat what i feel like on a day-to-day basis.

i try to eat meat free a couple of days a week.

my tummy can be funny from time to time – mostly when i am making poor processed choices – so fibre is my best friend.


what do you cook?

i love cooking most things but i really enjoy winter-time slow cooker meals because they are so easy, yet so tasty!


favourite foods?

i have a sweet & savoury tooth – so while i love a good cheese platter i also love a sweet dessert. i wish i had one or the other; it would instantly help with calorie control ha-ha.


favourite drinks?

in winter i consume copious amounts of green & other herbal teas.

i try to drink lots of water but this doesn’t come naturally to me.

when it comes to alcohol, in summer i can’t go past a rose & in winter a delicious pinot noir.



i have so many!

i get cravings all the time for random things. at the moment i love frosty fruits & snickers ice creams – they are life changing.


health goals?

to consistently be more balanced – i have weeks where i’m great but i fall off the wagon if i haven’t done groceries or prepared our weeknight dinners ahead of time. when i’m unprepared i seem to make poor choices.


friday january 30, 2015

i had the day off so i climbed mt coolum in the morning, ran some errands, went for a swim at the beach in the afternoon and then relaxed.

we went out for dinner as an engagement present from friends so i went all out – it was delish! overall it was a heavenly day really.


day on a plate

green smoothie

almond milk soaked overnight oats with raspberries

left over thai – chicken red curry & jasmine rice

calamari & broad bean salad with preserved lemon

fish of the day which was a snapper with a white bean puree & micro greens salad

limoncello bombe alaska


what bron ate

February 7, 2015




bronwyn, 30, regional sales manager


how do you eat?

i would say that, overall, i eat a healthy well-balanced diet.

i eat most foods & will try anything.

my philosophy is to eat a well-balanced diet & enjoy everything in moderation.

i believe in small portions & variety.

i don’t punish myself if i’ve had a big meal or over-indulged, but i’ll try to compensate by being healthier the following day.

i frequently travel for work & always try to eat healthily but i don’t allow my diet preferences to rule my social or business activities.

i’ve learnt throughout the years that you don’t enjoy your social or work company if you become too restrictive or controlled in what you eat. sometimes you have to join in & not be so picky in life – otherwise you miss out on the fun!


what do you eat?

for breakfast i’ll usually have eggs or something light.

lunch is usually protein & fresh vegetables or salad.

dinner during the week is always protein – fish, chicken, pork, lamb or beef – with salad or vegetables & the occasional vegetarian meal.

on weekends i aim for well-balanced meals but i’m not as strict.


favourite foods? 

fruit & salads but i hate preparing them! prawns, scallops, lobster, cheese & ham with crackers.


favourite drinks?


barossa valley father in law reserve shiraz



chocolate, cheese, nuts, apricot delight


health goals?

increase strength, maintain flexibility, improve cardio vascular fitness & look good in a bikini over summer.


friday november 28, 2014

i had a busy & stressful workday as end of month always is.

i was in work meetings in melbourne all day before an evening flight to sydney for a wedding.


day on a plate

rye toast with cream cheese

long black



protein bar

ham salad with vinaigrette dressing

carrot & celery sticks with small hummus


shared meals at china diner in bondi of prawn dumpling, lamb dumpling, chicken san choy bow, pork belly, spicy prawns, seared beef, lamb curry – only little bits of all!

at least 3 glasses of riesling, maybe 4 – sorry that’s so bad!

what sarah ate

December 26, 2014




sarah, 25, veterinarian


how do you eat? 

quite simply, i eat to avoid a pain in the tummy! for most of my life i’ve suffered from poor digestion & the unpleasantries that go with it.

18 months ago a doctor finally diagnosed a number of food allergies, which now dictate how i eat.

my diet is now simple, unprocessed & mostly home-made.


what do you eat? 

i’ve recently embraced sarah wilson’s ‘i quit sugar’ philosophy & made a huge effort to eliminate fructose from my diet, which has improved my digestion even more.

prior to this, i hadn’t ‘dieted’ or counted calories, and actually thought i was quite healthy. but now i realise that i had a full-on sugar addiction, which i’m slowly combating by baking my own unprocessed, sugar-free snacks & always taking my lunch to work.

i also eat a lot of home-grown beef & lamb as we have access to our own livestock. i like to prepare plenty & take leftovers.

i believe that your diet can be convenient without having to rely on all the heavily-promoted supermarket ‘convenience’ snacks & so called ‘meal replacements’.


favourite foods?

i love a good roast – lamb, beef or chicken (especially when my mum makes it!).

i’m also very partial to afternoon snacks – soft cheeses (the kind that aren’t lactose free & that my tummy hates!).

i love dips & chips, especially when shared with friends.

i also love homemade pizzas, which my boyfriend theo & i make together some friday nights.


favourite drinks?

i drink a lot of water & enjoy a good black tea.

i don’t drink milk, juices, soft drink or cordial so i do love a rum & soda with freshly squeezed lime juice after work when i’m not on call.



despite quitting sugar & no longer feeling like i ‘need’ it, i still can’t resist chocolate. i struggle with this when i’m at work because our clients often give us yummy thankyou gifts.

i also really enjoy eating things at restaurants that i wouldn’t make at home.


health goals?

i’d like to expand my sugar free repertoire (i’m fussy) & try new vegetables. i want this change to be sustainable & something i stick to when i have kids so that we avoid the trap of ‘convenience’ foods.

due to my family genetics & history, i’m a high-risk candidate for developing cancer early in life, so i want to rid my body of the very thing that cancer cells feed on before i reach the higher-risk age bracket.

i’d also love to eat more organic food, however this is difficult & expensive where we live so i aim to one day grow all of my own vegetables & eat seasonally as nature intended for us to.


friday december 9, 2014

i had a rostered day off after being on call for the week.

i spent the day at home getting organised for christmas & baking my usual goodies for the following week.


day on a plate

english breakfast tea (black)

gluten free toast with vegemite

2 peanut butter, chickpea & cacao biscuits

chai tea (black)

1 corn & roast beef gluten free fitter (left over from dinner the night before) with pumpkin, spinach & macadamia wild

rice salad

black tea

1 packet plain popcorn

1 rum & soda with freshly squeezed lime

roast chicken & vegetables

what megs ate

December 11, 2014




megan, 37, photographer + mother


how do you eat?

i would say my diet is flexible.  i’m not strict but i like to be healthy.

my general rule is keep the fridge & cupboards at home full of healthy foods & when i eat out i can indulge a bit.

i need to think about being efficient too now that i have an 11-month-old boy & i try to prepare meals we can both eat during the day.


what do you eat?

before i had eddie i surfed most mornings before work & had a huge appetite. i could eat almost anything, & large quantities, while staying the same size. i’ve had to consciously rein in my food consumption now that i’m doing a lot less cardio.

i eat lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, eggs & fish.

i try not to eat too much pasta or bread & if i want something sweet i try to bake it.


favourite foods? 

eggs for breakfast, fresh fruit & vegetable juices, sushi & homemade gourmet burgers.

i love discovering new salads & i could eat avocado with almost anything.

i also love the homemade pizza my partner makes me. i also love his special salmon with sweet potato mash & asparagus … so yummy.


favourite drinks?

soda water & lemon juice, ginger beer for a treat, lady grey tea or a cold corona & lemon at sunset after a big surf session.



i love cadbury flakes or any dark chocolate with fruit & nuts. i also love nutella on toast.


health goals?

to regain the physical strength i had before pregnancy. also to maintain fitness & a healthy diet within my new busy lifestyle as a working mum, which is more difficult than i anticipated.


friday november 21, 2014

i met up with some other mammas at the beach at 5am for a quick surf.  the dads dropped the babies off on their way to work at about 6.20am & we played with the kids at the beach for another hour before heading home for breakfast.

i did chores while eddie slept. when he woke up we went to our neighbour’s house for a play date & cups of tea in the backyard. then it was home for eddie’s second sleep & more domestic duties for me.

in the afternoon we had water play in our garden with eddie on the slip & slide.

a friend visited on her way home from work. then i had dinner at home with my man after eddie went to sleep.


day on a plate

big glass of water

lady grey tea with ginger & soy milk

scrambled eggs with garlic zucchini, cherry tomatoes, avocado

tuna salad

soda water with lemon juice

blueberries, watermelon, cheese & rice crackers

lady grey tea

nutella on toast


almonds, sultanas & walnuts

ginger beer


chicken pesto with carrot salad (grated carrots, cori&er, chickpeas, lemon, cumin, honey, currents & pistachios)