what jane ate

July 23, 2014




jane, 35, executive assistant


how do you eat?

i try to keep my diet as clean as possible, enjoy healthy fresh foods & buy in-season produce. my days are long so i try to plan & prepare my week’s meals in advance. when i’m organised i’m great, but if i don’t have time to prepare properly the wheels can fall off quite easily.


what do you eat?

i function at my best when i stick to more of a paleo-style diet, but i adapt it to work for me. i try to eliminate processed carbs, sugars & most dairy but eat everything else. normally alcohol is off-limits during the week but i relax on the weekend & enjoy dining out with my hubby-to-be & friends. japanese, greek & indian are my faves.


favourite foods?

seasonal fruits & vegetables (esp. cherries, grapes, blueberries, kumera & mushrooms), slow-roasted lamb shoulder, pork belly, fresh fish & shellfish.


favourite drinks?

sparkling mineral water, red wine, french champagne, coffee & green tea.


favourite treats?

dark chocolate, red wine & vanilla ice cream.


health goals?

always to exercise more! & drink more water.


friday july 18, 2014

i woke at 5.30am & did a quick tidy-up around the house as my mum is visiting for the weekend. i was in the office by 8am & worked til 4pm – an early finish – so i could collect mum from the airport. we headed home via the butcher & green grocer then prepared dinner while catching up. my partner arrived home with exciting news so we celebrated by popping some french bubbles. exhausted from a very big week (& a few drinks), i went to bed around 10pm.


day on a plate



handful of cashews & macadamia nuts

peri-peri chicken breast with hard-boiled egg & green salad

lamb rack with spinach, broccolini & roast vegetables (pumpkin, carrots)

2 glasses of champagne

2 glasses of red wine

a row (& a sneaky half) of 70% organic dark chocolate

water throughout the day

what charlotte ate

July 13, 2014




charlotte, 26, journalist


how do you eat?

my eating habits are usually pretty good & i tend to be quite hard on myself. during the week i’m a model student but i indulge a little on weekends, particularly if i’ve had a few drinks the night before.


what do you eat?

i eat fairly sensibly – always plenty of fruit & veggies. i’ve never really loved heavy carbs so they don’t sneak into my diet too often. if i’m really craving something, i’ll let myself have it. i’m sweet over savoury always, so i try to be mindful of that.


favourite foods?

mangoes, grapes, dried fruit & nuts, absolutely all seafood, cheese & dips definitely count as dinner, avocado & vegemite is a winning combination.


favourite drinks?

strong coffee (double shot skim latte, yes please!) red wine (& white!), vodka soda if i’m out & a peppermint tea after dinner.


favourite treats?

dark chocolate, coconut ice cream, chai lattes, brie cheese & medjool dates.


health goals?

my goal is always to try to be a slightly fitter, healthier version of myself. i work hard on my fitness but there is always room for improvement. my philosophy is do something active every day & try not to stress if an extra row of choccie finds its way into your belly (cocoa is good for you, right?).


friday july 11, 2014

i worked from 8am until 5pm then ducked to the pub with colleagues for a few drinks.


day on a plate

strong skim latte

1 banana with warmed oats, a splash of almond milk & a dollop of honey

1 green pear

handful of raw almonds

leftover risotto with chicken & baby spinach

chai latte

3 glasses of red wine

chicken & haloumi salad

2 gin & tonics

what kate ate

July 1, 2014




kate midena, 27, journalist


how do you eat?

i try to eat healthily but i do believe that treats are what get you through life! fortunately for me my husband is really healthy & organised with food, so he keeps me accountable.


what do you eat?

i eat as well as i can 80 per cent of the time so that there’s room leftover for treats! i am careful to control my portion sizes so i’m never over-eating. also, don’t waste stomach space on bread.


favourite foods?

pasta, potato, avocado, cheese, chilli, garlic, slow-cooked curries, bacon, tomato balsamic & basil together, & prawns. i am definitely more savoury than sweet.


favourite drinks?

sparkling water, soy lattes, juice inventions on my juicer, liquorice & mint tea.


favourite treats?

red wine, diet coke, popcorn chicken, salt & vinegar chips.


health goals?

probably balance & eating well enough to live a long life.


friday june 27, 2014

i worked from 9am until about 6pm when i went & met my hub for date night!


day on a plate

1 egg with asparagus, tomato & baby spinach omelette

black tea with a little bit of soy milk


boiled chicken with carrot, sweet potato & green beans

soy latte

row of black forest chocolate

haloumi salad

small bowl of fettuccini pesto pasta

glass of red wine

450ml bottle of sparkling water from my soda stream, then three refills of tap water throughout the day at work

a few pieces of extra gum – does that count?

what cassie ate

June 27, 2014




cassie, 27, naturopath + kinesiologist + nutritionist + herbalist


how do you eat?

i eat really well & my diet is mostly really clean, but i’m not harsh on myself (i used to be!) so now i eat to feed my body & my soul.


what do you eat?

i would say my diet is a total mish-mash of foods which make me feel good. some days are kind of paleo & some days are more vegetarian-based meals.

i definitely do well with a small amount of gluten free grains such as a little sourdough bread, animal protein, plus – of course – lots of veggies, some fruit, good fats & all that goes with a healthy diet.

i eat the foods that make me feel good & listen to my body everyday.


favourite foods?

roasted cauliflower & caramelised sweet potato or pumpkin. slow-cooked lamb with quinoa & roasted veggies. baked eggs with sautéed brussels sprouts, garlic & leek. oats with coconut yoghurt. sourdough toast with poached eggs, sautéed kale, haloumi & avocado.


favourite drinks?

all kinds of herbal tea (especially chai, peppermint & licorice tea), coffee, red wine, sparkling water & green juices in summer.


favourite treats?

i’m not harsh on myself & totally let myself indulge in faves like red wine, dark chocolate, carob bears & coffee!


health goals?

my health goals are to continue on my path of practicing yoga almost-daily as it brings me so much joy & calm. also, listening to my body, always.


friday june 20, 2014

i typically don’t see clients on fridays so today i let myself wake up without my alarm (which isn’t late, hello 7:16am), made breaky & sat down at my computer with tea.

i went to yoga & then grabbed a latte on my way home. i did a little more work, made lunch & then went to get my hair done for a treat.

after this i started making a dish for dinner tonight. friday nights in my jewish family’s tradition we have shabbat. for this week i made a roasted veggie & quinoa salad. shabbat dinners are typically big, with lots of food & family, & at my house they’re always so delicious.


day on a plate

1 piece of gluten free toast with organic butter & a poached egg

a mug of mint green tea

a cup of chinese herbal medicine from my acupuncturist (see, naturopaths take their herbs too!)

a soy latte (i usually have almond milk, but if i can’t get it, i sometimes go for soy)

a mountain bread wrap with salmon, lots of leaves, a little feta & a piece of chickpea tempeh

a sugar-free hot chocolate made with natvia hot chocolate, water & almond milk

a little coconut yoghurt, a little muesli & almond milk

a pot of rooibos chai tea

a tiny bit of challah at my family’s shabbat dinner, a bit of caprese salad & asparagus salad for entrée, then steak, quinoa & roast veggie salad, roast pumpkin & a bit of green salad

a few berries, two bites of of hubby’s berry cheesecake, made by my dad (how could i resist!?)

plus lots of water!


check out cassie’s website here

what kristin ate

June 13, 2014

Kristin + ginger



kristin, 30, wife + journalist + health-conscious foodie.

how do you eat?


i eat well most of the time but i struggle with binge-eating.

i’m obsessed with food so i plan most of my meals in advance.

i love cooking & baking so i almost always pack lunch & snacks.

hang out with me and you’ll never go hungry.


what do you eat?

everything & a lot! mostly healthful, whole & nourishing foods. preferably warm. plus treats.


favourite foods?

all fruit, sweet potato, coconut, salmon, anchovies, eggs, avocado, nuts, seeds, sourdough, vegemite, almond milk & cacao.


favourite drinks?

tea (peppermint, dandelion root, english breakfast), coconut water & kombucha.


favourite treats?

coffee esp. doppios & red wine (always red wine).

tim tams & my mother-in-law’s rocky road (recipe to come).


health goal?



friday june 13, 2014 

i had the day off work & caught up with a friend for lunch before spending a quiet night at home. i’d normally have a glass or two of red wine but won’t drink alone.


day on a plate

frittata made with 2 organic eggs, vegetables & cheese

long black

hot almond milk cacao w natvia

protein ball

chai tea w milk & honey

eggplant salad, asparagus salad & bbq ribs (shared with cassie)


2 x rye sourdough w butter & vegemite

baked salmon & vegetables with tatziki

coconut water

peppermint tea

½ tsp coconut oil


½ punnet of strawberries

dandelion root tea