what amy ate

September 17, 2014

Amy Dale



amy, 26, journalist


how do you eat?

i think i eat pretty well but there’s always room to improve!

my work hours can be long & unpredictable so i do a big shop on the weekend to stay organised & make sure my diet doesn’t suffer when i get busy. i always try to have some fresh fruit or chopped veggies as a snack. i work on the road, so try to avoid the temptation to grab packaged, unhealthy snacks in between writing stories.


what do you eat?

i love basically all types of fruit & veggies, so i try to keep my diet as fresh & tasty as possible.

i like cooking, as does my boyfriend, so i don’t eat a lot of takeaway.

i really notice a difference when i eat well but i don’t like being too strict on myself – food is there to be enjoyed!

if i keep it nice & healthy during the week, & have a few nights without any alcohol, then i can really enjoy eating out & indulging on the weekend.


favourite foods?

mushrooms, slow roasted lamb, salmon, peanut butter, all types of berries, pasta (with lots of parmesan on top) & pretty much all japanese & middle eastern food.


favourite drinks?

most varieties of tea (orange & cinnamon, peppermint, jasmine & a strong cup of english breakfast or earl grey are my biggest loves), red wine, coffee, fresh apple, ginger, pear & mint juice, macro organic hot chocolate & during the day i do love lots of cold water :)


favourite treats?

haighs coconut & macadamia chocolate block, most types of lindt dark chocolate, basically any type of ice cream, hot chips, burrito bowls from guzman y gomez with pulled beef, & grilled cheese on toast.


what is your health goal?

i’m just coming out of a whirlwind few months, during which i haven’t been exercising as much as i would like to so my current goal is to get back on track with a couple of really good workouts during the week.


friday september 12, 2014

i met my mum for breakfast, worked from 8.30am-5.30pm & then had dinner & saw a comedy show with my boyfriend & friends.


day on a plate

1 piece of sourdough toast with avocado, roast tomato & some sautéed mushrooms

strong flat white

1.2l water

an apple

peppermint tea

a salad with baby spinach leaves, corn, cherry tomato, haloumi, grilled chicken, cucumber, lemon & oregano vinaigrette with a small piece of soy & linseed bread

shared a plate of felafel, hummus & eggplant dip, followed by spicy shakshuka with eggplant

glass of pinot noir

two gin & tonics

what arvina ate

September 10, 2014




arvina, 39, full-time mum to four-year-old daughter & nine-month-old son


how do you eat?

generally good.

during the week, i tend to have lean meats with vegetables or salads.if i’m not organised, then i will snack more. leftovers are great in that regard as i’m often feeding the kiddies or preparing meals & it’s a quick meal.

the weekends are a bit more relaxed.

i don’t eat a lot of bread these days (though i do like crusty bread) as it seemed like the bread kept getting binned so i stopped buying it.


what do you eat?

a lot of chicken to be honest. usually with roast vegetables, vegetables sautéed in butter & garlic, a stir fry or a salad.

i’ve grown up eating rice & roti’s which are also very kid-friendly especially paired with dhal, yogurt & spicy rice.

i usually make one pasta dish a week with a mince chicken bolognaise with grated up vegetables. yes, i’m one of those mothers – i hide vegetables where i can! my daughter will only eat a handful of fruit & vegetables so i’m usually going overboard with a big bowl of vegetables for myself!


favourite foods?

i love seafood, homemade pizzas, spinach & ricotta cannelloni, cherries & bbq chicken.


favourite drinks?

earl grey tea, red wine & hot chocolate.


favourite treats?

anything chocolate & ice cream.


health goals? 

i have increasingly become aware of the little eyes watching & learning from my eating habits. i would like to set a good example for my children – it’s not a stretch for me since i do enjoy most fruit & vegetables. i also prefer the leaner cuts of meat.

i do all the cooking at home so i know what’s going into our meals.

in our home, we focus on being healthy & strong.

we walk most places where we live, we enjoy the parks/beaches & being outdoors.


friday september 5, 2014

woke up at 5.30am to change & feed the baby. then at 7am, prepared breakfast for the kids & myself. cleaned up quickly & organised my daughter’s preschool morning tea & lunch. at 8.20am, we drove my daughter to preschool. we normally walk but she was too tired & grumpy this morning. after the drop off, i fed the baby & put him to bed. swept the floors, opened & filed mail. ordered my groceries online. started dinner prep. watered plants outside. talked to my mum on the phone. fed the baby after his nap, played & changed him. left home for daughter’s preschool pick up. facetime with my husb& while feeding the baby, then spent the evening bathing, meal time & cleaning up.


day on a plate

glass of water


porridge with milk & honey

leftover homemade cauliflower, potato & bacon soup




rice cracker snacks

lamb cutlets with a baked zucchini & corn slice


what julie ate

August 31, 2014




julie, 27, woolgoolga, legal assistant


how do you eat?

i like to eat a balanced diet & i like to think it’s healthy in terms of eating in moderation.


what do you eat? 

we always include fruit/vegetables in our meals, whether it’s a salad or a roast dinner.

we grow our own fruit & vegetables so that we know we’re getting the full vitamin & minerals required for our bodies. this is really important to us – not just financially but also for our health. eventually we plan to never buy fruit & vegetables from the shops again unless we absolutely have to.

i eat in small portions & i chew my food slowly – not only because this benefits your body but i also get to enjoy the taste more.

i also hate seeing food go to waste so it’s really important that i get to finish everything on my plate.


favourite foods?

pizza, chocolate, strawberries, peaches, lamb, broccoli, mint flavoured peas & sushi.


favourite drinks?

berry smoothies, peach tea, peppermint tea, caramel lattes, hot chocolate & pump’s berry flavoured water.


favourite treats?

chocolate donuts or even a chocolate sundae from mcdonalds.


health goal?

now that i get home from work during the daylight, i’m looking forward to getting back into running.


friday august 29, 2014 

i woke up 30 minutes earlier thank usual so i got to have some morning cuddles with my kitten, walter.

once i was ready for work, i enjoyed my morning coffee with my husband before i headed to work.

during my lunch break i went for a walk around town (as i do everyday as i have an office job) and today i bought a new work dress just to spoil myself a little!

i got home & went for a quick run. then i cleaned up & started cooking dinner.

while it’s cooking i like to play with walter & chat with the hubby.

we watched the football then an episode of orange is the new black.


day on a plate

cup of coffee & an apple

peppermint tea, 500g strawberries & water.

2 chicken sushi rolls & an all-berry-bang smoothie from boost juice.  also water.

peppermint tea, a strawberry yogurt & water.

homemade pea & ham soup with french bread.

2 glasses of white wine (moscato).

a few pieces of cadbury’s marvellous creations (jelly crunchie bits) & some peach tea.


what chloe ate

August 27, 2014




chloe, 24, sydney, regional sales manager


how do you eat? 

i spend my days explaining to people how food is my one true love so, in short, i eat a lot.

overall my meals are pretty much always healthy but i do love a naughty snack in between. this happens a little too often for my liking but i justify it with a lot of exercise.


what do you eat?

my motto is everything is fine in moderation.

i love fruit & vegies so i include them in my daily meal plans. my favourite meat is lamb so i try to get that in as much as i can.

i’ve tried all the fad diets for fun, including the watermelon diet. i’m lucky to have made it through the first few hours on day one so i have given up on those.

now as long as i feel that most of what i eat is healthy i’m ok with it.


favourite foods? 

seafood, lamb chops & desert.


favourite drinks? 

tea, milk with milo & white wine.


favourite treats? 

i have a small addiction to tim tams. i also love anything lemon (meringue/tarts etc.).


health goals?

i’m all about maintenance now, staying the healthy weight i am & keeping up my regular gym schedule. i wouldn’t mind getting some abs also!


friday august 22, 2014

this was normal friday at work with a gym session in the morning & dinner with my boyfriend’s family that night. i definitely ate a bit more than a normal weekday as the family dinner was for a special occasion.


day on a plate

1 litre of water

3 black teas with a dash of milk

1 isagenix shake with 1 banana

2 chicken sushi hand rolls

2 rows of chocolate

wonton & dumpling soup

peanut butter parfait

1 glass of champagne

what bianca ate

August 21, 2014




bianca, 31, sunshine coast, news director


how do you eat? 

i work long & unpredictable hours so i need to be organised to ensure my health doesn’t take a back seat.

i plan my meals at the start of the week with one big shop.

i have learnt i won’t cook if i am tired & there is nothing in the fridge. peanut butter on toast & instant soup become “suitable” options when the wheels fall off.


what do you eat?

overall my diet is pretty good, but it is based around being convenient. for example, i start every day with a freshly blended fruit juice.

after my big weekly shop, i chop up apples, oranges, carrots, ginger, beetroot, celery & baby spinach. i put a mixture of each into snap lock bags & pop them into the freezer. then each morning before work i grab a bag from the freezer, empty it into the blender with a cup of water for 45secs, and it’s done!

we keep emergency meals in the freezer too – frozen veggies & noodles – so if we come home super hungry there is not temptation to cop out.

i don’t diet but i don’t eat lollies, avoid frizzy drinks & deep fried food.

i also have a weird quirk where my body doesn’t properly digest sharp foods (like rice crackers, chips & popcorn) so i stay away from those.


favourite foods? 

i love good quality fresh fruit – especially mangoes in summer & peaches in winter. i also adore good quality fresh seafood – particularly salmon & prawns.


favourite drinks?

i drink a lot of tea. i have a handmade tea tin at work that contains my favourites of chai, peppermint, strawberry, ginger, & lemon & chamomile.


favourite treats?

i have a massive weak spot for freshly baked treats. i usually head to the markets on the weekend & pick up some goodies. my all-time favourites are lemon meringue tarts, chocolate brownies & banana bread. they make the perfect afternoon tea while enjoying a good cuppa on the back deck.


health goals?

i would love to have more time to experiment & be creative with different foods. i also need to drink more water.


friday august 15, 2014

i was up 5.30am and at work by 7am so i had breakfast on the run. it was all hands on deck until about 5pm so i didn’t get a chance to leave the newsroom and ate lunch at my desk. i spent the evening unwinding at home, on the couch with my husband, planning weekend adventures.


day on a plate

fresh fruit juice

chai tea

toasted ham & tomato sandwich

six dried apricots

chamomile tea

roast lamb on mashed sweet potato

a tim tam & cup of tea on zymil milk

what jenny ate

August 13, 2014




jenny, 28, perth, training scheduler


how do you eat?

i like to think i’m a healthy eater. i try & plan out my food for the week on a sunday. being organised is my key. i’ve recently gone sugar ‘free’ & i’m trying to avoid processed foods.


what do you eat?

i think food is meant to be fun & enjoyed, so i think it’s important to love the food you eat. i always indulge if i’m out for dinner – i never skip dessert or wine.

i won’t eat health foods just because they’re good for you (i really dislike kale!). i eat very regularly – especially if i’m onsite for work, so i have lots of small meals.


favourite foods? 

mashed potato, ice cream, risottos, avocado, bananas, berries, goats cheese, tapas & chorizo.


favourite drinks?

hot chocolate, wine (red or white), green & fruit teas.


favourite treats?

any type of mint chocolate, hot chips & deserts.


health goals?

i really want to be the healthiest i can be & focus on getting ‘my’ perfect body. i want to be positive about my body & acknowledge my hard work in the gym!

i also want to focus on keeping my exercise regime no matter what mine, or my partner’s, schedule is.


friday august 8, 2014

i worked from about 8am til 4.30pm & just had a night at home to myself.

i was away for work earlier in the week & caught up with friends later in the week, so i was keen for a night at home just to myself. my partner’s away so i love making the most of a quiet house.


day on a plate

1 glass of green water (water & chlorophyll)

homemade sugar-free pumpkin beans & a piece of wholemeal toast

1 glass of green water

skin-firming smoothie (almond milk, banana, blueberries, raspberries, glucosamine, soy lethicin, chia seeds & a tablespoon of natural yoghurt)

beef vermicelli salad

1/2 avocado & 2 brown rice cakes

small glass of organic red wine

pumpkin & sweet potato soup with a piece of toast & cheese

2 squares of organic chocolate

2 litres of water throughout the day

what mel ate

August 7, 2014




melanie, 33, brisbane, beauty therapist


how do you eat?

mostly healthy & balanced but i’m happy to live a little & splurge occasionally! for example having ice cream with my son eli.

i believe you are what you eat & that your appearance (hair, skin & body type) reflects your diet. you get one body in this life & i like to look after it. balance is definitely the key.


favourite foods?

thai dishes & fruit.


favourite drink?

banana smoothies.


favourite treat?

choc-mint slice.


health goals?

i’m seven months preggers so i’m trying not to put on too much baby weight while making sure that i’m consuming enough energy for both of us!


friday august 1, 2014 

i worked at home from 9am till 3pm, then travelled to grafton in nsw.


day on a plate

2 pieces of rye bread with organic peanut butter

instant coffee with milk

greek yoghurt with strawberries

2 pieces of liquorice

leftover spaghetti bolognese

cheese & crackers


snack-size packet of m&ms

a cheeseburger & small fries (yuk)

a cup of tea & a biscuit

what amy ate

July 28, 2014




amy, 28, sydney, lighting designer


how do you eat?

i try to be health-conscious during my working week & allow myself to indulge on the weekend. i do a big grocery shop at the beginning of the week & buy all of the ingredients for my lunches & snacks at work. i then do little shops during the week for dinners & top-ups. this helps me stay on plan & not stray too much with all the lovely food places near my office!


what do you eat?

for six days of my week i try to avoid pasta, bread, rice & potato. the seventh day is my ‘cheat day’ where i can eat & drink whatever i like.


favourite foods?

i think japanese food is my favourite. i know that is very broad but it is clean, fresh & extremely yummy. i must say i love most food though! there aren’t too many foods i would not try.


favourite drinks?

peppermint tea, tomato juice & a cheeky chardonnay (or two!).


favourite treats?

i love savoury snacks like cheese, dips & chips. oh & i also love a bacon & egg roll!


health goals?

i would like to have clearer skin & to begin pilates classes again to improve my strength & fitness.


friday july 25, 2014

i woke up at 5.30am & was in the office by 6.45am. i left work at 7pm & had dinner with friends at a restaurant in surry hills. i was in bed by 10pm.


day on a plate

a litre of water

apple carrot & ginger juice

cup of decaf green tea

cereal (barley flakes with sultana & apple) with rice milk

carrot sticks & hummus

peppermint & lemongrass tea

salad of lettuce, tomato, fetta, olives, avocado & tuna

muesli bar & peppermint tea

prawn salad with caper salsa

2 coronas

messina ice cream…yum!

2 glasses of water

what jane ate

July 24, 2014




jane, 35, sydney, executive assistant


how do you eat?

i try to keep my diet as clean as possible, enjoy healthy fresh foods & buy in-season produce. my days are long so i try to plan & prepare my week’s meals in advance. when i’m organised i’m great, but if i don’t have time to prepare properly the wheels can fall off quite easily.


what do you eat?

i function at my best when i stick to more of a paleo-style diet, but i adapt it to work for me. i try to eliminate processed carbs, sugars & most dairy but eat everything else. normally alcohol is off-limits during the week but i relax on the weekend & enjoy dining out with my hubby-to-be & friends. japanese, greek & indian are my faves.


favourite foods?

seasonal fruits & vegetables (esp. cherries, grapes, blueberries, kumera & mushrooms), slow-roasted lamb shoulder, pork belly, fresh fish & shellfish.


favourite drinks?

sparkling mineral water, red wine, french champagne, coffee & green tea.


favourite treats?

dark chocolate, red wine & vanilla ice cream.


health goals?

always to exercise more! & drink more water.


friday july 18, 2014

i woke at 5.30am & did a quick tidy-up around the house as my mum is visiting for the weekend. i was in the office by 8am & worked til 4pm – an early finish – so i could collect mum from the airport. we headed home via the butcher & green grocer then prepared dinner while catching up. my partner arrived home with exciting news so we celebrated by popping some french bubbles. exhausted from a very big week (& a few drinks), i went to bed around 10pm.


day on a plate



handful of cashews & macadamia nuts

peri-peri chicken breast with hard-boiled egg & green salad

lamb rack with spinach, broccolini & roast vegetables (pumpkin, carrots)

2 glasses of champagne

2 glasses of red wine

a row (& a sneaky half) of 70% organic dark chocolate

water throughout the day

what charlotte ate

July 13, 2014




charlotte, 26, sydney, journalist


how do you eat?

my eating habits are usually pretty good & i tend to be quite hard on myself. during the week i’m a model student but i indulge a little on weekends, particularly if i’ve had a few drinks the night before.


what do you eat?

i eat fairly sensibly – always plenty of fruit & veggies. i’ve never really loved heavy carbs so they don’t sneak into my diet too often. if i’m really craving something, i’ll let myself have it. i’m sweet over savoury always, so i try to be mindful of that.


favourite foods?

mangoes, grapes, dried fruit & nuts, absolutely all seafood, cheese & dips definitely count as dinner, avocado & vegemite is a winning combination.


favourite drinks?

strong coffee (double shot skim latte, yes please!) red wine (& white!), vodka soda if i’m out & a peppermint tea after dinner.


favourite treats?

dark chocolate, coconut ice cream, chai lattes, brie cheese & medjool dates.


health goals?

my goal is always to try to be a slightly fitter, healthier version of myself. i work hard on my fitness but there is always room for improvement. my philosophy is do something active every day & try not to stress if an extra row of choccie finds its way into your belly (cocoa is good for you, right?).


friday july 11, 2014

i worked from 8am until 5pm then ducked to the pub with colleagues for a few drinks.


day on a plate

strong skim latte

1 banana with warmed oats, a splash of almond milk & a dollop of honey

1 green pear

handful of raw almonds

leftover risotto with chicken & baby spinach

chai latte

3 glasses of red wine

chicken & haloumi salad

2 gin & tonics