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June 13, 2014

Kristin + ginger



kristin, 30, wife + journalist + health-conscious foodie.

how do you eat?


i eat well most of the time but i struggle with binge-eating.

i’m obsessed with food so i plan most of my meals in advance.

i love cooking & baking so i almost always pack lunch & snacks.

hang out with me and you’ll never go hungry.


what do you eat?

everything & a lot! mostly healthful, whole & nourishing foods. preferably warm. plus treats.


favourite foods?

all fruit, sweet potato, coconut, salmon, anchovies, eggs, avocado, nuts, seeds, sourdough, vegemite, almond milk & cacao.


favourite drinks?

tea (peppermint, dandelion root, english breakfast), coconut water & kombucha.


favourite treats?

coffee esp. doppios & red wine (always red wine).

tim tams & my mother-in-law’s rocky road (recipe to come).


health goal?



friday june 13, 2014 

i had the day off work & caught up with a friend for lunch before spending a quiet night at home. i’d normally have a glass or two of red wine but won’t drink alone.


day on a plate

frittata made with 2 organic eggs, vegetables & cheese

long black

hot almond milk cacao w natvia

protein ball

chai tea w milk & honey

eggplant salad, asparagus salad & bbq ribs (shared with cassie)


2 x rye sourdough w butter & vegemite

baked salmon & vegetables with tatziki

coconut water

peppermint tea

½ tsp coconut oil


½ punnet of strawberries

dandelion root tea


  • Cassie Mendoza-Jones

    Yay I love this! Your day sounds delish and balanced! Well, I know lunch was delish anyway because I was there ;) love this post xxxxxxx

  • Jen

    Loving your new blog, Kristin! I am on a health kick at the moment {which hopefully stays permanent) so it is giving me a little inspiration for different healthy choices. Working from home makes it easier for sure. No temptation. J-Ry xx

  • gemma i

    Just being nosey as to when the rocky road recipe is coming :)

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