Swap out the store bought eggnog for this homemade, dairy free version. Sweetened with maple syrup.

Dairy Free Eggnog

It’s December, also known as “Eggnog and Gingerbread is Everywhere Month.” At least that’s what I call it. Since I already covered the gingerbread last week, it’s time to whip up some eggnog like a good little food blogger.

I actually haven’t had eggnog since I was a kid. My grandmother used to make it for me and my brother when we would stay over at her house, except she would leave out the booze….at least I think she did. I wouldn’t put it past her if she snuck some in there. She’s funny like that.

This eggnog is a bit different from how grandma used to make it. Since I no longer consume cow’s milk or copious amounts of white sugar, those ingredients were swapped out for maple syrup and coconut milk. As for the alcohol, you can use whatever you prefer; brown liquors are usually the top choice. If you suffer from gluten intolerance, you can double check this list to make sure your liquor of choice is safe for you to drink before you purchase it.

Dairy Free Eggnog
Prep Time
5 mins
Cook Time
5 mins
Total Time
10 mins
Servings: 2
  • 3 cups Coconut or Almond Milk
  • 3 Egg Yolks
  • ½ cup Bourbon
  • cup Maple Syrup
  • 1 ½ tsp Vanilla
  • 1 tsp Nutmeg
  • ½ tsp Cinnamon
  1. Combine milk, nutmeg and cinnamon in a saucepan and bring to a gentle boil over medium heat.
  2. Meanwhile, separate your eggs and whisk the egg yolks in a large bowl.
  3. Slowly pour the warmed milk over the egg yolks, whisking constantly so they don't scramble. Add your whiskey and vanilla. Stir and allow to cool before placing in the fridge.
  4. It's best if you age it for at least 24 hours, but you can also enjoy it before that.

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