Sweet, smokey, crispy coconut bacon, ready to eat in 30 minutes.

Maple Sweetened Coconut Bacon

What do you do when you have a bag of coconut flakes hanging out in your cupboard, begging to get used up? You make coconut bacon, and lots of it.

Do you know what eeeevery single coconut bacon recipe has in common? They all contain liquid smoke. This one, however, does not. It has a bit of chipotle powder and smoked paprika for the smokey flavor, maple syrup and coconut sugar for sweetness, and a few other spices thrown in for a mild BBQ flavor.

I’d eat a handle of this bacon over BBQ potato chips any day. In fact, I’m doing it right now.

Maple Sweetened Coconut Bacon

This recipe is pretty much fool proof; just be careful not to burn it. The prep work takes 5 minutes and is incredibly simple. Mix your ingredients together in a bowl, then dump on a lined baking sheet and toss it in the oven. Easy, right?

The end result is crispy, smokey, sweet, and addictive. You can toss it in salads, top your pizza with it, mix it in your ice cream, or just eat it by the handful.

Maple Sweetened Coconut Bacon

Coconut Bacon
Prep Time
5 min
Cook Time
25 min
Total Time
30 min
Prep Time
5 min
Cook Time
25 min
Total Time
30 min
  1. 1 ¼ cups Unsweetened Coconut Flakes
  2. 1 Tbsp Sunflower Oil
  3. 1 Tbsp Maple Syrup
  4. 1 Tbsp Coconut Sugar
  5. 1 tsp Soy Sauce (Tamari for GF)
  6. ½ tsp Rice Vinegar
  7. ½ tsp Ground Fennel
  8. ½ tsp Garlic Powder
  9. ½ tsp Onion Powder
  10. ½ tsp Ground Cumin
  11. ½ tsp Sea Salt
  12. ¼ tsp Chili Powder
  13. ¼ tsp Smoked Paprika
  14. ⅛ tsp Chipotle Powder
  1. Heat your oven to 325°F and line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
  2. Whisk all ingredients except coconut together in a bowl. Once mixed, add the coconut and stir until it’s completely covered. Spread out in a single layer on the lined baking sheet. Bake for 10 minutes, then remove from oven and stir the coconut around. Place back in oven for another 10-15 minutes. Keep an eye on it, making sure it doesn’t burn.
  3. Remove from the oven when it gets dark in color, like the pictures above. It will continue to crisp as it cools on the tray. Store in a sealed container once cooled.
  1. Make sure you use the large coconut flakes and not shredded coconut
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2 thoughts on “Coconut Bacon”

  1. I’ve never liked bacon, but I love coconut and all the yummy spices you’re using here. I could def get on board with this! Can’t wait to try.

    1. Hi Jessica! I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t understand the bacon obsession. Haha. Luckily, these are more like BBQ chips than bacon. 🙂

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