GuatemalaHey, I’m Nicole, and I live in British Columbia, Canada. Welcome to What She Ate, a recipe blog focused on whole foods, accompanied by mouth watering photographs. I love food, travelling, photography, hiking and comedy. I enjoy other things too, like wondering what it would be like to be a squirrel, but let’s keep this list short and pretend I only like 5 things in life. It’s just easier for both of us.

I started cooking in restaurants 10+ years ago, which at the time was “just a job.” In early 2010, after dealing with fatigue, stomach pains, digestive issues, skin rashes and so on, I decided to do a cleanse after coming across a pamphlet on allergies and intestinal bacterial overgrowth. That little piece of paper changed my life forever. As soon as I read through the text, I changed my diet immediately, giving up gluten, dairy, alcohol, and refined sugar for 3 months, which was about 90% of what I consumed on a daily basis.

I knew absolutely nothing about nutrition at the time, and had only basic cooking skills, but went for it anyway, and learned along the way. Remember that meme of the dog, sitting in front of the computer with the text, “I have no idea what I’m doing”. That sums up my life during that time. Everything I ate during that cleanse was cooked entirely from scratch, and not only did I feel better, I found a new passion for health and cooking. The food I cooked at work everyday had no interest to me any more (think pub food), and I left to work at a more health conscious, vegetarian restaurant, which I stayed at for a few years.

After being around like minded people who were interesting and encouraging, with big life goals of their own, I finally started to think more seriously about what I wanted to do. I took off for the winter to go backpacking around Central America and did some much needed soul searching. The end of that trip was the beginning of an exciting new chapter I never thought would unfold in my life. I began a vegan dessert business which was a huge learning experience in many ways, not to mention a lot of fun. After less than a year, my nomadic lifestyle was calling for me, and I took off again with my backpack, leaving my business in the dust.

At some point during my recent travels, while eating whatever was available to me, health problems returned along with severe depression. After suffering for a year and not feeling alive any more, something clicked in my brain to finally start the food blog that I had been thinking about for years. It was exactly what I needed in order to get out of bed everyday and start eating in a way that worked for my body and mind again.

I started this blog so those living with food allergies don’t have to feel like they’re missing out, even though they have to eliminate certain foods from their diet. It was incredibly tough for me when I first eliminated foods from my diet, trying to figure out what to eat everyday, so hopefully these recipes on What She Ate can make someone else’s life a tiny bit easier and not have to relate to the golden retriever meme.

I hope you enjoy these recipes as much as I do. Thanks for stopping by!