GuatemalaHey, I’m Nicole, the human on the other side of the computer who creates these tasty gluten free recipes. I currently reside in the outskirts of Vancouver, but I do float around a lot so you never know where I could be right now.

I created this blog in November 2015 in desperate need of a creative outlet. Cooking has not only been my passion for years, but my profession as well. I began working in kitchens 12 years ago, which at the time was just a paycheque. After about 1 1/2 years of slinging out steaks and halibut at pubs, health issues started to arise. Eating garlic bread and deep fried food everyday, not to mention sneaking bites of cheesecake and ice cream whenever possible, was causing me to have intense stomach pains, fatigue, skin rashes and anxiety to name a few symptoms.

By chance, I came across a brochure about bacteria imbalances in the gut that was life changing. Immediately, I made drastic changes and completely cut out sugar, gluten and dairy to see if my health would improve. Looking back, I wish I had gradually cut out one at a time to allow my body to slowly adjust, rather than completely changing my diet all at once. The first few days were a huge adjustment as my body began functioning normally again. I felt miserable and the sickness came in waves, but after everything was cleansed from my system and I replenished my body with nutrients from vegetables and lean protein, I started feeling healthy and energetic like I hadn’t felt in years. Sugar cravings had disappeared, instead I craved vegetables, my skin was glowing and I had no more stomach issues.

As I reintroduced foods, the only one that I couldn’t tolerate was gluten. For years I didn’t eat it at all and felt amazing. It was during that time, I stopped eating meat for a year, while working a job that became more demanding and stressful, my body felt like it was missing something. So not only did I start eating meat again to attempt to regain energy and focus, I began eating gluten again as well. I started getting hives every time I ate – my back would look like I was attacked by a cat. I had long, red lines covering the entire surface of my back. My arms had little bumps, my legs itched and the stress made it worse.

The battle went on for too long as I tried to convince myself I could eat anything and didn’t have any food intolerance’s until a few years ago I ate a piece of pizza and not only did it feel like I had a brick in my stomach, but the pain came with burning, itchy hives on my back. The pain lasted for days and the bumps decided to stick around for 2 months. I’ve finally come to accept that me and gluten will just never get along any more, but that’s okay.

For the past 10 years, I’ve been baking and cooking strictly gluten free which also merged into vegan cuisine after working at various vegetarian kitchens. The amount of failures I had at the beginning (which was A LOT) sparked an interest in food science and developing recipes from scratch. What made bread rise? Why do some cookies spread? I did a ton of studying and even more trial and error until I uncovered the techniques that made everything come together. All the recipes you find on What She Ate are created from scratch and I’m so happy to be able to share them with any one who stops by. Whether you have a food allergy or are just trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, I hope you can find something here you can enjoy.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to message me with any inquires. I always love talking about food.


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