Creamy Chocolate Cherry Smoothie

Posted on Nov 29th, 2015 - By Nicole - 2 Comments

A chocolate cherry smoothie that is so creamy and decadent, you'll forget you're enjoying something healthy. Today, I have the pleasure of…

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Lemongrass Ginger Tea

Posted on Jan 15th, 2016 - By Nicole - 0 Comments

Drink this lemongrass ginger tea to help keep illnesses at bay, aid in digestion or drink for the pure enjoyment of it. If you're looking to…

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Carrot Banana Smoothie

Posted on Jan 27th, 2016 - By Nicole - 11 Comments

When I lived in Halifax, I used to frequent a little juice bar called Pete's. The odd time I was able to convince myself to spend $6 on a small…

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Homemade Hemp Milk (Raw, Vegan)

Posted on Apr 24th, 2016 - By Nicole - 3 Comments

Creamy vegan hemp milk made with just three ingredients. Hemp milk is one of the easiest non-dairy milks to make. You don't need a nut milk…

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Creamy Blueberry Smoothie (Vegan)

Posted on May 8th, 2016 - By Nicole - 6 Comments

I've been on a bit of a blueberry kick lately. Mainly because I have about 3 lbs of the fruit to use up in the next week or so before I hop on a…

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Mango Banana Smoothie

Posted on Jun 3rd, 2016 - By Nicole - 6 Comments

Today is my first blog post in my new home in Victoria, British Columbia. For me, the word home has always just been a place I sleep every night.…

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Homemade Kahlua

Posted on Jun 26th, 2016 - By Nicole - 9 Comments

Making your own alcohol at home may seem intimidating, but it isn't as painful of a process as many people may think. Kahlua is one of the simpler…

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Persimmon Banana Smoothie

Posted on Jul 24th, 2016 - By Nicole - 4 Comments

Persimmons, one of nature's finest gifts to us. If you've had the pleasure of eating them before, it should come as no surprise that the latin word…

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Watermelon Mint Slushie

Posted on Aug 25th, 2016 - By Nicole - 4 Comments

Summer is slowly winding down and will sadly be coming to an end before we know it. But, fear not, because hot, sunny days are still heading our way.…

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Dairy Free Eggnog

Posted on Dec 10th, 2016 - By Nicole - 1 Comment

Swap out the store bought eggnog for this homemade, dairy free version. Sweetened with maple syrup. It's December, also known as "Eggnog and…

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Vegan Hot Chocolate with Kahlua

Posted on Dec 23rd, 2016 - By Nicole - 14 Comments

Rich, chocolaty dairy free hot chocolate, sweetened with maple syrup and spiked with Kahlua. It's officially winter and the holiday season is…

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Orange Creamsicle Smoothie

Posted on Feb 19th, 2017 - By Nicole - 8 Comments

It may not be summer quite yet, but with a few sips of this creamsicle smoothie, you can close your eyes and pretend it's 30°C instead of…

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Green Smoothie Bowl

Posted on Mar 12th, 2017 - By Nicole - 2 Comments

Creamy green smoothie bowl with banana, mint, avocado, kiwi and spinach. Loaded with nutrients to give you energy to start off your day. Since…

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Double Berry Smoothie

Posted on Jun 21st, 2017 - By Nicole - 4 Comments

Refreshing summer berry smoothie sure to please your taste buds, made without banana. It's the first day of summer, and what better way to…

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Chocolate Mesquite Milkshake

Posted on Aug 16th, 2017 - By Nicole - 4 Comments

It's only now just occurred to me, after over a year and a half into this blog to create a milkshake recipe. I actually don't even think I've…

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Energizing Green Grape Smoothie with Mint

Posted on Sep 17th, 2017 - By Nicole - 15 Comments

Lately, I've been back to consuming green smoothies on a regular basis, and have been reaping all of the benefits. When you go an extended period of…

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Vegan Matcha White Hot Chocolate

Posted on Jan 8th, 2018 - By Nicole - 40 Comments

Matcha fans unite. This creamy, matcha white hot chocolate is so perfectly indulgent and is a nice way to switch up your hot beverage…

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